Studio "Brimmer Design Buro" is engaged in the creation of design projects for interiors of various levels of complexity. The company has been operating and developing since 2011. During this time, more than 100 projects across the country have been successfully implemented.


Residential interiors

Home is a miniature of your world. This is the place where you return every day, where you are alone with yourself, where your dreams are born. A house is a reflection of your character and personality. We create interiors for you and your comfortable life. For people who value comfort and style. Our goal is to create not only a beautiful and stylish room, but also the most functional and convenient.
Residential interiors

Commercial interiors

Restaurants, cafes, boutiques, shops, show rooms. Concept and idea is a very important aspect for such design projects. The place should be interesting and attractive to the visitor. A person should want to return many times. We use non-standard solutions, advanced finishing materials, we implement the most unexpected ideas and help the project become successful.

Commercial interiors


Interior decor

Brimmer Decor Studio is a unique decor boutique based on Brimmer Design Buro. From different places of the planet we bring unique interior decorations. Among them there is an ethnic decor of the countries of Oceania and Africa, fossils that are millions of years old, designer textiles from famous European designers.

Interior decor

Author's supervision

Designers of Brimmer Design Buro control all stages of repair in accordance with the design project. Specialists regularly visit the site and keep in touch with the team of builders, provide clarifications and comments on any issues



Options - the integrated management of the design project from the beginning of work to the last decorative touch. We undertake interaction with suppliers, order and accept equipment, furniture, and decor. All materials, colors, models of furniture, appliances, textiles are previously agreed with you.


Repair and turnkey finishing

We will make modern and neat repairs in the apartment or house. You will receive the implementation of our design project at the highest level using modern natural materials. Our craftsmen work with such components as marble, stone veneer, massive engineering board and various types of decorative plasters.
Repair and turnkey finishing


Specialists of Brimmer Design Buro will make a concept for decorating the space, select materials, accessories, lighting in accordance with the latest trends and wishes of the client. Your home decor should tell your story!

All projects

Stages of the design project

  • Discussion & measurement
  • Planning decision
  • Sketch project
  • 3D visualization
  • Working project
Meeting-acquaintance. We talk about our approach. You give us information: what tasks need to be solved in your space. Together we fill out a brief and sign a contract. Then we draw up the design specification. A work plan is written there, the nuances of the future interior are taken into account: what premises are needed, their zoning, technical features, equipment. After the approval of TK, we carry out all the necessary measurements.
In accordance with your needs and ergonomics we make several options for planning solutions. Then we correct them, choose one working option. After that, you cannot change the planning decision, since the whole project is built on its basis.
Based on the selected planning solution, we create stylistic collages, form the composition of the necessary drawings and specifications. They are already visible in them: the general concept, future colors, the choice of furniture and materials. This shows how we see the display of ideas in the interior.
Based on the selected stylistic collages and technical documentation, we create 3D of your future interior. Visualization shows how your interior will look and will be a very useful tool during the project implementation stage.
In the end: You get a finished project of your dream home. This is a set of drawings according to which builders implement the project. It will consist of several plans, wall scans, drawings of complex structural solutions, sketches of decorative and architectural elements and furniture, sheets of decoration materials and interior items. You can implement it yourself, or we jointly continue the path with our services “Architectural supervision” and Options. In this case, the entire project will be implemented with our step-by-step support.

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