How we work

Project work

Meeting-acquaintance. We talk about our approach. You give us information: what tasks are necessary for reality in your space. Together we fill out a brief and sign a contract. Then we make design technical requirement. It contains a detailed work plan, takes into account details of the future interior: what kind of premises, zoning, technical features, equipment are needed. After you approve the design technical requirement, we carry out all the necessary measurements.

Based on your needs, we make several options for planning solutions. Together we correct them, supplement and choose one working option. It will not be possible to change the planning decision after, because the whole project is built on its basis.

The bureaus create stylistic collages based on the planning decision. Specialists form the composition of the necessary drawings and specifications. They already include: general concept, future color schemes, choice of furniture and materials. This shows how we see the display of ideas in the interior.

3D visualization. Based on stylistic collages and technical documentation, we make 3D of your future interior. Visualization shows how your interior will look in life and will be a very useful tool at the stage of project implementation.

The end: you get your hands on the finished project of your dream home and implement it on your own, or we together continue the path with our services “Architectural supervision” and Options. In this case, the entire project will be implemented with our step-by-step support.


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