Review by Tamara Andryusishina

Great designer !! In carrying out the work, I took into account all our wishes. The peculiarity of Tatyana’s work is that it does not burden projects with unnecessary elements. Everything that was recommended was implemented in life, all solutions are convenient to use !! Tatyana is also very attentive to her customers, friendly !! It was a pleasure to work)) If we plan repairs, we will only contact her))

Review of Ksenia D.

Tatyana Brimmer is a very talented designer! And besides, he is a kind, open and very decent person, it is pleasant to work with her. Tatyana worked on two projects. The result is incredibly fashionable, beautiful apartments — and even better than we could imagine.

Review by Alexander Karakan

We are working with Tatyana already at the second facility. All meetings without delay, tasks are served in an accessible form, monitoring is carried out regularly. The implementation is flawless. Customers are satisfied with our teamwork. Thanks!

Review by Alexander Panin

I recommend Tatyana as a specialist in the field of design - creative and understands what you want to get in the end - this is a very important point. He thinks through everything to the smallest detail that you would never even have thought of.

Review by Andrey Shipilov

Thanks to Tatyana for help in designing and decorating the interior of our apartment in Moscow. Volumetric and quality work has been done. Note the responsible and attentive attitude with which the designer approached its execution.

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