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Heart of the capital

Location г. Москва, Шелепихенская набережная, 34
Category Our projects
Quadrature 134 м.кв

Apartment for a family with two teenage sons.


We need to organize two rooms for children, not identical, but in a similar style.

Need a master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, a large living room combined with a comfortable kitchen. It was important to provide a bathroom for guests.

All tasks have been successfully implemented. There were even two dressing rooms in the bedroom. The third general, for storing outerwear, was organized in the hall area.

Concept and layout

The architecture of New York of the 20-30s was the inspiration of the project for designers.

The apartment begins with the front hall with spectacular art deco floor panels. Through the corridor from the hall we find ourselves in a spacious hall with a TV area, corner sofa and a biofireplace. Natural living fire gives the interior a certain warmth. A library area was provided along the edges of the TV - open racks and storage cabinets with glass doors.

The kitchen was visually separated from the living room by the island, which serves as both a table and a bar. It is convenient for family members to have breakfast and chat while cooking. The dining group with a round table is accented by a large Italian chandelier.

The bedroom is a continuation of New York architectural history. Making the head of the bed is the idea of designers. The bed itself is made to order according to its own designs of the bureau. The theme of art deco continued with Andrew Martin ornamental wallpaper. In addition to the bed, in the bedroom there was an easy chair for a leisurely evening reading.

An interesting solution - just two dressing rooms in the bedroom. One of them precedes the entrance to the master bathroom and serves mainly for storing bathrobes, towels and bath accessories.

An interesting accent of the bathroom is a wall panel made of porcelain stoneware with the effect of slice of agate. This technique gives rise to associations with a precious agate box. The coverage is quite light, despite the impressive size - 1.5 m * 3 m.

The style of design of children's rooms is as similar as possible so that the boys do not have disputes. The main difference in color. We chose sofa beds - so we removed the association with the bedroom. Children in their rooms, in addition to sleep, study, engage in personal affairs. Each nursery has a working area and a place to store things.