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Location г. Москва, улица Херсонская, 43
Category Our projects
Quadrature 110 м.кв

A project for a family with a child.


We need to organize a separate bedroom, a room for child, a large living room with a kitchen. The wife is interested in cooking.

Also, it was important for customers to have two dressing rooms and two dignities. nodes (guest and private).


Sliding doors were installed in the biggest room, so the living room could be viewed immediately from the entrance. The presence of a large corner sofa is one of the main wishes of customers. Opposite the sofa, they installed a TV and a light hanging cabinet under it. This design allowed us not to clutter up the space. We added notes of comfort by installing a biofireplace. Nearby organized a soft zone with an armchair.

Planning kitchen combined with living room. But between them there is a supporting column, which we supplemented with natural wood trim panels and a shelf with open shelves. In the kitchen, right behind the shelf, a dining area with an oval table was organized.

One of the dressing rooms is located in the lobby, immediately at the entrance to the apartment. From the hall is the entrance to the guest dignity. node with a spacious shower. Place for households. a block with a boiler and a washing machine was allocated there.

The child’s room, bedroom and loggia are the most private spaces that do not intersect with the guest area. The nursery is framed as concisely as possible. It provided a niche for a built-in wardrobe. In the bedroom, in addition to a large double bed, organized a lounge area with a soft armchair and a bookcase. There is also a second dressing room.

From the bedroom we get into the master bathroom. For the effect of a home spa, we chose a spacious bathtub of an unusual trapezoidal shape with lighting and steps. The result was a spectacular relaxation zone. The project feature is a channel ventilation system. We located it on the territory of the loggia. Air enters the apartment already cleaned and heated / cooled to the desired temperature.


The floor in the living area is modular parquet in the form of a trapezoid. Porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor and in the hall. And also in the living room on the walls of the TV zone and the fireplace zone. The texture echoes the apron in the kitchen, summarizing the space. On the floor of a private area - art parquet masonry in the form of rhombuses. The highlight of the bedroom - wallpaper with the effect of crushed linen and a touch of glitter.

The most tactile materials were selected for this project. It’s nice to walk barefoot on the parquet floor, I want to touch the wallpaper in the bedroom. The sofa in the living room is covered with fine matting, with the effect of brushing. Alcantara fabric was chosen for the head of the bed.