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Maliy Gnezdikovskiy

г. Москва, Малый Гнездниковский переулок, 9
Category Our projects
Quadrature 65 м.кв

The owners of the apartment are couple who live in Nice and come to Moscow several times a year for some weeks. When they are out from Moscow the apartment is rented to guests of the capital.

The main task was to create a neutral and stylish interior that would be comfortable and pleasant for all guests, any age and geography, while being able to easily transform and change with the help of decor.


The apartment is located in an old house built in 1890. Of course, this could not but affect the work on the project. To create a spacious recreation area for the opportunity to gather in a large company, the living room and kitchen were combined. To comply with all building rules, it was necessary to isolate the kitchen. This problem was solved with the help of the construction of glass partitions: now you can quickly and conveniently transform the room.

For the convenience of tenants, the shower room and toilet were shared. At the request of the customer, a separate small room was allocated in the apartment for storing household items: it was hidden behind the facade of the closet in the bedroom. Also in the bedroom they found a place for the dressing room: its good location made it possible to optimize the elongated space of the room in the best way.


Since the apartment is rented most of the time, we decided to make all the walls paintable - you can easily and quickly tint the walls, maintaining a fresh look in the interior. For flooring, wear-resistant quartz-vinyl tile was chosen, which is perfect for damp rooms. In the bathroom behind the glass partition there is a tiled shower room with a practically installed floor pan.

Concept and color solutions

During the dismantling of the old ceilings, we discovered wooden ceiling beams. They were preserved and delicately restored, they set the vector for their own unique eclectic style. During restoration, their ugly ends were hidden by metal overlays. Metal elements then appeared in other interior items: shelving, glass partition. Light neutral shades were chosen for the interior: sand, cream, pearl. So the small space of the apartment turned out light, fresh, unobtrusive. The neutral interior can be easily changed by setting color accents with various decor items.


The apartment has a cupboard and a dressing room. Everything was placed behind one facade, which was made according to the sketch of the designer in the carpentry workshop. To store household items in the bathroom, a built-in closet with a wooden screen door, also of individual production, was organized.