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Narodnogo opolcheniya

Location г. Москва, улица Народного Ополчения, 2
Category Our projects
Quadrature 80 м.кв

The owner of this apartment is young couple. An active young businessman practice sport, loves to travel, and rides a motorcycle. His wife works in the field of healthy nutrition and fitness. Reflecting the character of the owner, his status in the interior, creating a functional and comfortable interior is a common thing for a professional designer.


The bedroom was placed in the last room, and the rest of the space was turned into a studio with a "secret." The office, which the customer needs to work and conduct online conferences, and the kitchen-living room are separated from each other by a transparent glass partition - it is almost invisible. We managed to allocate a place for a full-fledged dressing room: the customer has many hobbies and storage systems are needed for everything: for example, gyro scooters, snowboarding equipment and motorcycle equipment.


The customer appreciates high-quality materials, so they chose natural and natural textures for decoration. The main walls were painted in neutral shades, the wall behind the sofa was accented and its finish was made with stone veneer. Its bright characteristic texture has become the main feature of the living room. A natural wood was laid on the floor, heat treated. This is a unique technology that makes parquet floors resistant to temperature changes. Natural wood flooring is pleasant to the touch and makes the interior warmer.

Concept and color solutions

The color palette turned out quite calm, but with contrasting gray and copper shades. Most of the furniture was made according to individual sketches: for example, a library in the office, built-in furniture in the bathroom and a chest of drawers in the hall with stone veneer trim. It is such objects that give personality and help create an interior with chara