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Kutuzovskiy prospect

Location г. Москва, Кутузовский проспект
Category Our projects
Quadrature 60 м.кв
About customer

The customer is a young woman. Her main interests are sports, travel, healthy nutrition. This is all reflected in the interior design. She needed a comfortable kitchen and a large dining area - the girl likes to cook for friends, arrange evening meals. At the same time, the kitchen had to be separated from the rest of the rooms, without hiding the space. The problem was solved by installing a glass sliding partition with a light reflecting effect.


A bedroom with a large bed and a wardrobe is located behind large sliding doors. When the doors are closed, the light, the light is reflected from the glass and the room is light. If you open the door, the space visually expands.

In the TV zone, in addition to a corner sofa and a TV, an active bio-fireplace and a large wine rack were installed. The customer appreciates and collects red wines.

On the sides of the TV provided separate shelves with mirrored doors, again to maximize the filling of the space with daylight.

Having a bath was important to the customer. For the convenience of storing cosmetics and bath accessories, in addition to separate racks, we allocated a place in the wall directly next to the bathroom itself.

Concept, materials, color scheme

The TV area in living room is highlighted with porcelain stoneware in natural calacatta marble. The same texture is used on the floor in the lobby. The living room space is viewed from the hall - the repetition of the material creates a feeling of a certain unity. Porcelain tiles on the floor and apron of the kitchen contrast with the light graceful overall design of this area.

In the rest of the area, the floor is a chocolate-colored wooden engineering board. Tactilely very nice stuff. A bright accent of the living room is the dining zone, highlighted by a spectacular chandelier, noble Marsala chairs and a large round table on an elegant metal table. The color scheme of the details was not chosen by chance. This is a wine story with an emphasis on Bordeaux. Chairs are a standard factory model. After the constriction of designer fabric, they acquired a special character. In a pair of chairs, curtains of a consonant shade were selected.

Decor and accessories

When choosing accessories, our decorators were inspired by the style of the American designer Jonathan Adler. Bright accents, rich colors, non-trivial forms came from here. Despite the calm light walls (covering - French paint Ressource), the interior turned out to be dynamic, light in the style of the customer’s character.