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Location г. Москва, ул. Ямского поля 3-я, 9
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Quadrature 40 м.кв

While designing apartments, we took into account the active lifestyle of the customer. To turn the apartment into a spacious studio, we installed sliding doors. If you open all the doors, a one-room apartment with an isolated bedroom and a kitchen-living room for receiving guests turns into a large space.

The customer of this project was a man, a businessman. He does not live in Moscow and from time to time comes to Moscow. Most of the time he lives in the USA. The main requirement of the customer was the availability of a separate bedroom.


Initially, the space was a concrete box without walls, we were able to turn it into a studio with an isolated bedroom. To do this, the kitchen and sleeping areas were placed near the windows, sliding partitions were made between them, and the bathroom and living room were equipped closer to the front door.


Porcelain tiles with a fabric texture of 30 × 60 cm format were laid on the floor in the living room, and the same texture, but on a mosaic, in the kitchen. This technique helped to highlight the kitchen area, without “cutting” the space visually. The walls in all rooms were painted with Little Greene paint, and Elitis wallpaper with a fabric texture was glued to the wall at the head of the bed, it gives extra softness to the bedroom interior. For upholstery of upholstered furniture - a sofa, dining chairs, bedding, velvet and velveteen were chosen.


Most of the furniture in the project is built-in - to save space and ergonomics of space. When planning storage places, niches were designed for built-in wardrobes at the entrance: facades from American walnut go into wall panels. In the bedroom we made a large wardrobe with decorative niches that are highlighted in the evening - they are also part of the head of the bed. In the toilet, behind the facades of the built-in closet, a washing and drying machine and shelves for storing household chemicals were hidden.

Concept and color solutions

The choice of color palette is not accidental, we found inspiration on the coast of Portugal. A variety of shades of sand and rocks, combined with the blue of the ocean on a sunny day, give a feeling of freshness. At the same time, the interior turned out to be very cozy and warm. As decoration used paintings by contemporary artists, vases and decor items.