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Location г. Москва, Корабельная улица, 17
Category Our projects
Quadrature 145 м.кв
About customer

Customers are a married couple with two children. The husband works in IT-technologies, and the wife is a stylist. She is interested in design. The older girl is dancing and performing. The couple also has a younger child. Our task was to create functional areas for a comfortable life of each member.


The apartment is located in a beautiful place overlooking the river. A beautiful view opened from two large rooms. It was hard to decide where the living room would be and where the bedroom would be. In the end, we decided that the living room would be separate.

At the entrance to the apartment on the right side there are common areas: first the hall, on the left side is the kitchen, then living room, dining room and fireplace area. The space is separated into two zones - one for receiving guests, and the other zone is a private territory. This is a bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom, then a children's room for the youngest child, then for a teenage girl and a children's bathroom. There is a large dressing room. For convenience, there is an additional bathroom for guests and helpers. We made a very convenient layout where the private and guest areas are separated and the spaces do not intersect.

The main task was to create a bedroom with a beautiful view and a working area, two children's rooms and two bathrooms. We wanted to make a free zone where guests would meet. We have completed all these tasks.

We have a dressing room in which the owners can store their suitcases and sports equipment. There we placed all the equipment - a boiler and humidifiers for duct air conditioning system. We planned to make a smart home, and used a ducted air conditioning system to get clean air into the apartment. Air passes through filters and an ionizer, and enters the apartment clean and fresh.

At the bedroom we allocated a personal dressing room for the owners with a small dressing table. We also identified a cabinet area by combining it with a loggia. Cabinet area is located in the bedroom, but it is isolated from the bedroom.

Materials and decor

We paid special attention to the bathroom. We made it with windows. For comfort, we used glass with the effect of spilled water, which creates only a blurry silhouette. There is also a large bathroom for two with hydromassage, and a large panel with a peacock decorates the bathroom.

In the hall there are built-in wardrobes so that the doors and wardrobes form a single system of panels. The panels are made in a classic style, with mirrors, which gives a grand appearance to the hall. On the floor there is a panel made of Turkish marble, which is framed by a tree. The living room uses modular parquet with a Sheremetyevo star. Color made to order.

The kitchen is made in a modern style, beautiful and elegant, using smooth facades. Turkish marble with an interesting pattern is also used in the kitchen area. The island is made in a traditional style, with chamfers on the front and a wooden tabletop. The result was a mix of modern and traditional style with elements of art deco, which reflects the preferences of customers as much as possible.