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Location г. Москва, Мосфильмовская улица, 74
Category Our projects
Quadrature 106 м.кв
About Customers

The owners of the apartment are a married couple with a teenage daughter. Their activities are associated with theater and ballet. Customers travel a lot and often staying at hotels. In the kitchen, we made the island look like a reception desk. We hid the doors, so they resemble hotel corridors, and the kitchen flows smoothly into the living room.


Customers needed a big comfortable kitchen - the owners like to cook and receive guests. We made two separate bathrooms - for the daughter in the children's bedroom and another for the owners; organize an isolated work area; Allocate space under the dressing room.

We connected the loggia to the main space of the apartment and made an office next to the master bedroom, a small library with a comfortable reading place in the children's room and a dining area in the hall. The entrance to the office is both from the bedroom and from the living room.

We planned a large area for the children's room so that the child could do gymnastics. Between the bedroom and the bathroom there is a dressing room, and in the bathroom itself there is a place for a washing and drying machine.


We were inspired by the art deco style with its feminine lines, which appeared in the forms of chandeliers, wallpaper drawings. The style is reminiscent of the cover of a sliding metal screen that decorates the television area in the living room, the cylindrical shapes of the lamps above the kitchen island, the lines of the fronts of the buffet in the dining room.

Color and materials

The color palette consists of neutral shades (pearlescent, grayish-blue, sand, oyster) that look elegant and not so saturated. The emphasis is added to the fabric of upholstered furniture in sapphire and azure color.

The floor in the whole apartment, except for the bathrooms, is laid out with parquet made of wood according to an individual design, laying with a French Christmas tree. In the decoration of the master bedroom used spectacular foil cork. There is no strong lighting in the room, only side lights and decorative lighting.

In the children's room, Belgian wallpaper with a graphic pattern of waves and foil effect is used in places. Lighting throughout the apartment is different. This creates the most comfortable conditions.

Furniture and decor

The choice of furniture depended on the design concept. Restrained in shape and color, moderately strict, it supports the general chamber mood of the interior. Built-in furniture made to order according to the designer's sketches. Cabinet facades in the hallway are covered with hand-painted wallpaper

Much attention is paid to textiles. Dense velvet curtains were hung in the bedroom, giving the room softness, elegance, and good light insulation. A light, large mesh appeared on the window in the office, filling the workspace with soft, diffused light. A light flying tulle, well transmitting daylight, decorated the windows in the living room. Shiny satin curtains with grabs made the nursery more elegant and feminine. And velvet, used in the fabric of upholstered furniture, united the interior.