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Fili Grad

Location г. Москва, Береговой проезд, 5
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Quadrature 110 м.кв
About Customers

This is not the first object that we made for these customers. They completely trusted us, only technical parameters for design were set. Customers - a married couple, people are active and creative. Spouses love to travel, receive guests, and in the interior they are impressed by comfort and functionality. In addition, the hostess is fond of fashion, likes bright extraordinary solutions. The source data influenced which apartment was the result.


The interior was created from scratch. The apartment was free planning, but there was one minus: two windows in the apartment looked directly at the wall of the neighboring house, so most of the apartment was dark. We placed a large dressing room in the darkest part of the apartment - there is no need for natural lighting, so we solved the issue of organizing clothing storage.

The most unusual element of the layout was a wall made of panels with cherry veneer and inlaid brass ornaments according to the designer's sketches. The doors to the bathroom and the bathroom were inserted into this wall, as well as a large wardrobe in the hall and the kitchen. This wall starts from the entrance and ends in the kitchen; it divides the space of the apartment into two parts: on the left side of it there is a bathroom, a bathroom and a dressing room, on the right - an open space of the kitchen-living room and bedroom.

The furniture was arranged based on the fact that guests would gather in the kitchen-living room, so they set up a large dining table and organized a large soft area with a comfortable sofa and armchair.

Concept and color solutions

The color scheme in the living room turned out quite bright. Walls and floors of neutral colors have become a good backdrop for bright accents. The bedroom was decorated in gray-purple tones. It was necessary to create an atmosphere of coziness and intimacy, it had to envelop, relax and prepare for the accomplishments of a new day.

On the floor in the main rooms used the layout of the parquet “French Christmas tree” of the color “vanilla”, in the bedroom there was also a Christmas tree, but with a more saturated shade of “American walnut”. Mostly French paint was used on the walls, and locally - wallpaper from the Omexco factory. In the bedroom on the walls there are Omexco embossed wallpapers of complex halftone close to the shade of cocoa. We broke the plane of the walls with moldings of dark color, painted with paint, and the space became more compact, clear, finished. And to make it seem light, airy, the gradient design was used in the design of the curtains, that is, the transition of the shade from light to dark.

In the bathroom, both the walls and the ceiling were painted in the same gray tone to make their borders unobvious and thereby visually expand the space. For the same purpose, they made a mirror wall on which a sconce was placed at the washbasin.

In the living room, we abandoned the blackout curtains blocking the light, and used curtains with a bright print, reminiscent of the overflow of dragonfly wings. The colors of the curtains set the rest of the color scheme: a soft turquoise armchair, a turquoise pouf, a plaid and pillows, as well as decorative orange pillows appeared in the living room. ” Modern painting has become an accent that completed the formation of a joyful, optimistic atmosphere of ceremonial space.

Unusual facts

The end of this like a Christmas tale. At the end of the year, even before the decoration of the apartment was completed, customers said they wanted to sell it. We agreed to shoot almost before the New Year. We picked up the decor, hung the curtains, laid the carpet and so on. Customers arrived during the shooting and were shocked at how the space was transformed. As a result, they changed their minds about selling an apartment. The next day, a Christmas tree was bought, toys were brought, and the hosts celebrated the New Year in their new home.