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Location г. Москва, Рязанский проспект, 2
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Quadrature 37 м.кв

Blooming park instead of the railway - how it can be matched with interior?

The fact: the idea for the Moscows apartment interior was prompted by the concept of High Line Park in New York - industrialism combined with nature. The customer came with a request for a functional loft with an isolated bedroom, a full kitchen and a guest area. But the idea to shift the emphasis of industrialism towards coziness in urban design seemed interesting to him.

Planning of the apartment

The main space in the apartment is a kitchen near the living room. Plus an isolated bedroom and bathroom. Two windows, a minimum number of cabinets and glare surfaces fill the public area with light. To increase insolation, the glass partition between the bedroom and the kitchen was drowned deep into the bedroom, and the chest of drawers was taken out of the room into the entrance hall.

The interior is consistent with the exterior: the view outside the window is also industrial. The apartment is located in a new residential complex, there is a building around, and the facade of the house is made of concrete and glass.


We used materials traditional for the loft style - wood, metal and concrete, but “combed” the surface, for example, instead of raw oak veneer, we used walnut veneer. Moss was added next to the tree, adding an element of nature to the interior.


The kitchens column was removed. A refrigerator and a freezer were built in two volumes under the custom-made bar counter. For the same reason, hinged cabinets appeared only on one wall: black, matte, as if rubberized facades pass into the open shelves of a metal shelf.

The kitchen apron is made of three types of tiles of different textures and shades. Compositionally, the tile imitates glass blocks - a material often used in the design of loft spaces. For the lamp above the bar, they chose open wiring laid on the ceiling and wall.

Living room

Living room in the project of a small area: there was enough space on the sofa for a couple of friends and a TV. But a small area is of great importance. There are many references to New York, which inspired the project. The burnt tree on the wall is a direct association with High Line, the former railway used to transport coal. The neon circle is also a tribute to New York motives: it is an association with Times Square, full of billboards and neon lights.


A separate bedroom appeared at the request of a young man - he did not want to sleep on a sofa in the middle of the kitchen. The room was zoned with a metal partition with glass. When guests are in the house, the bedroom interior is hidden behind textile curtains. If more light and space are required, the curtains are easy to move apart. For a sunny morning, a textile light blocking layer is provided.


Part of the area was given for the dressing room. In fact, this is an area of only a few square meters between the kitchen and the bathroom - with shelves and rails for clothes. But even a small dressing room helped to avoid cabinets in the bedroom and living room.


The bathroom was combined to establish a full bath. In the wet area, tiles were used for decoration, and microcement was used on the remaining walls. It is also used on the floor and walls of the apartment, combining the spaces of a bedroom, a living room and, in fact, a bathroom. Tiles of the same manufacturer as on the kitchen apron - three shades with different textures. In support of tile and microcement, a stone sink with an unprocessed surface appeared.