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Concept, materials, color scheme

Thinking about the concept, we turned to China and its neoclassical style in the interior. To combine traditional motifs with something European. We used elements of the chinoiserie style, which uses motifs and stylistic techniques of medieval Chinese art in the European interior.

We also took into account the name of the restaurant in the concept. Silk, butterflies, silk threads - these are the associations that arise with the word cocoon. Therefore, in the interior we used everything that reminds of a cocoon. We used round lines, light shades associated with lightness, silkiness. On the floor and walls, we used trace elements, light gray, pearl color creates the necessary ease in the room.

All surfaces are smooth and enveloping, like a cocoon. Semicircular bar shapes, reception, streamlined cabins with semi-open sofas.

The color scheme is specially selected. Gold, brass, turquoise, light gray - these shades are appreciated in China, and have symbolic meaning. All shades together look harmonious and visually create a common airspace.

Decor and accessories

Our decorators were inspired by the traditional Chinese and European styles, and were able to organically combine them. We used oriental motifs and ornament on the sconces between the windows, on the shelving in the bar area and on the round panels. We used oriental elements on the arches in the booths and Chinese painting in the center. The interior has chandeliers in the shape of a cocoon, as well as in the form of butterflies.

The lighting is pleasant, dim, not too bright. This creates a special atmosphere. Silk curtains on the windows in the form of panels give the interior an oriental feel. Oriental elements are also present in the interior in the form of arches in the booths with Chinese painting in the center.