Service “field supervision” - ensures that the implementation of the project will fully coincide with its idea. Style and design decisions will be made in compliance with technology, materials, sizes.

Designers of the bureau accompany all stages of repair and decoration. Every week we go to the object - we monitor the compliance of the work with the design project. Any changes that may occur in the work are taken into account by our team in advance. We keep in touch with suppliers, we know all the nuances of installing communications, electrics and equipment.

✔️ Does the project include the installation of a ventilation system?
At the design stage, we know the location of blocks, channels, gratings.
✔️ Has the component model changed?
We will quickly offer a replacement. Each centimeter of the interior is made by us, thats why we understand what changes can affect the final implementation of the project.
✔️ Planned to install equipment unfamiliar to builders?
We advise, provide all the necessary instructions.

The result of each visit is noted in the journal. Changes made during construction are also noted there. All reporting will be with you.

What does “Architectural supervision” not include?

❌ Acceptance of materials at the facility. This option is available when ordering the “equipment” service
❌ Payment to suppliers.
❌ Technical control over the quality of construction work and the observance of deadlines by the construction team (this is the task of the superintendent).

Payment for the service is made every month before starting work. We calculate the cost in accordance with the size of the space and the complexity of the project.

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