Options - we fully carry out the design project from the beginning to the last decorative touch in the design. We interact with suppliers, ordering and receiving equipment, furniture, decor. All materials, colors, models of furniture, appliances, textiles are agreed in advance with you.

Requesting invoices from the supplier and checking specifications is also our job. You do not have to deal with the details. This is our area of responsibility. As well as ensuring that all necessary materials are produced and shipped on time.

The service includes supply schedule. This is a table indicating the dates on which you need to receive certain positions. Their full cost, amounts and terms of payments are also written there. With this table, you will clearly see a schedule of upcoming expenses and will be able to plan a budget for the implementation of the project.

For example: a kitchen must be received by July. We know that its production and delivery will take 60 days. We indicate in the table the term of the order - the beginning of May, we prescribe the date and amount of each payment, the delivery date and the start of installation work.

You do not have to go shopping, spend hours behind the monitor in search of furniture and decor. We will select and offer the best options, in accordance with your wishes and budget. Among the advantages of the service are the agreement of the designers of the bureau with suppliers on partner prices. With our participation you will save the budget. And saving your time and nerves, in this case, is priceless.

The cost of the “Options” service does not exceed 10% of the total budget for the implementation of the design project.

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