This is the only service in Brimmer design buro that can not be ordered at the beginning of construction work. It can be ordered at the finish stage. That is, you already have a space with a ready repair. And our task is to make it spectacular externally and comfortable for life.

We will pick up furniture, textiles, lighting, decor, accessories. As a result, you will get ready-made collages and specifications with dimensions, sizes, materials. The specification states: what needs to be ordered, in what volume, contacts of verified suppliers are given. Directly ordering accessories you do yourself.

If the design project was carried out by Brimmer Design Buro, then you do not need to order a separate decoration service. You will already have on hand not only collages, but also 3D visualization of the finished project.

We are also ready to undertake comprehensive support for the implementation of the space we have designed - see the Options section.

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